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General Emergency Ultrasound Content
This page contains a variety of narrated lectures.
This site offers a number of ACEP-endorsed U/S online tests. Great way to test your knowledge.
Link to a PDF describing your minimum required images and/or videos for each common ultrasound modality.
"Sonoguide" is a comprehensive, well-written, free online guide to bedside ultrasound.
Great tutorial on ultrasound guidance of shoulder injections in the setting of dislocation.
Essential site describing transthoracic echocardiography.
How-to page on echocardiographer.org discussing how to assess CO on TTE.
Mike and Matt talk about SBO ultrasound during their "Ultrasound Podcast".
Nice video detailing the U/S-guided peripheral IV technique.
Sonosite-sponsored video taking you through normal U/S findings on hip sonography.
Sonosite-sponsored video taking you through a simulated hip arthrocentesis. Click here for more information.
A picture-in-a-picture bedside ultrasound training video series.
Top-notch video podcasts from one of the best in Emergency Ultrasound, Dr. Chris Fox (UC Irvine).
Content to help build out an RN ultrasound-guided peripheral IV training course.