Cardiac Video Gallery

SX = Subxiphoid
PSLA = Parasternal long axis
PSSA = Parasternal short axis
A4Ch = Apical 4-chamber
EF = Ejection Fraction


Normal SX view of the heart.

Normal PSLA view of the heart.

Normal PSSA view of the heart.

Normal A4Ch view of the heart.

Normal view of the aortic valve.

Normal IVC in longitudinal.


Bigeminy in PSLA.

Bigeminy in PSSA.

Nonspecific SVT in patient on phentermine, treated with adenosine, resulting in bradycardia, then return to tachycardia.

Atrial fibrillation and depressed EF in a 50yo with SOB.

Effusions, without tamponade

Small to moderate effusion (A4Ch), patient with ESRD.

Moderate effusion, normal EF (PSLA to PSSA).

Moderate effusion (35% EF) in PSSA.

Moderate to large effusion (PSLA), no frank tamponade. Lung CA with SOB.

Same patient in PSSA.

Moderate to large effusion with LVH (A4Ch), uremic pericarditis.

Same patient, PSLA.


Large effusion with impending tamponade (PSSA), esophageal CA with leg edema.

Same patient, SX.

Tamponade (A4Ch) in patient with AMS, hypotension, mass on the RV free wall.

Same patient: 1) PSLA 2) Subcostal PSSA 3) SX

Large effusion with tamponade (PSLA).

Large effusion with tamponade, PSLA to PSSA, history of pericarditis, now with CP.

Tamponade with great example of RV collapse (SX).

Same patient in A4Ch.

Tamponade with R-sided collapse (SX).

Coming soon:

Hyperdynamic heart

Range of Ejection Fractions

Right heart strain and PE

Left ventricular hypertrophy

Valvular abnormalities

Wall Motion Abnormalities

Other Pathology