Venous Compression Video Gallery

CFV = Common Femoral Vein
SFV = Superficial Femoral Vein
PV = Popliteal Vein


Saphenous vein entry into the CFV.

Normal CFV and SFV study.

Full negative study from CFV to PV.

Normal popliteal study.

Lymph nodes.

DVT Examples

CFV/SFV DVT. 36yo F, pregnant, with right leg pain/swelling.

Subtle SFV and large PV DVT. 21yo with CP, right leg pain, sickle cell disease.

CFV/SFV DVT with color flow. 77yo on coumadin for chronic DVTs.

CFV/SFV DVT. 34yo paraplegic with right leg pain.

Normal CFV but PV clot. 58yo with left calf pain and swelling.

Extensive DVT with curved probe. Patient with breast cancer and leg swelling.

Full exam with clot throughout, PV with color flow.

Close-up of PV clot.

Extensive clot in 95yo with leg swelling and pain.

PV clot in 26yo on oral contraceptives.

Normal CFV, clot in PV. 25yo on birth control patch, CP.

Upper leg DVT.

Static compression view of same patient.

CFV close-up in paraplegic with leg swelling.

CFV with color in above patient.

Chronic CFV clot.

SFV clot in 65yo with pancreatic cancer.

PV clot in patient above.

PV clot in 25yo on OCPs with calf pain.

Patient with CP, cocaine:
1) Normal CFV 2) PV clot (with color)

63yo with CP, leg pain. Deep perforator clot in calf. PE noted on CT.

Baker's Cyst

Unruptured Baker's cyst.

Another unruptured Baker's cyst.

40yo F with left leg swelling and pain for 1 month; appears ruptured on ultrasound.

Superficial Thrombophlebitis

Superficial thrombophlebitis.

Another phlebitis case.

Another video of superficial thrombophlebitis.

Varicose veins

Varicosities with compression.

Another video with varicose veins.

Neck Vein DVT

IJ clot in 46yo with colon CA and chest port.

IJ clot in 48yo with ovarian CA with chest port.